An Overview of Dentistry

Preventing tooth and mouth problems and gum disease by diagnosing and treating dental problems is what a dentist does best! A good dentist should also teach their clients good oral health care habits like daily flossing and regular brushing. These oral health care habits promote oral health and over-all bodily health. Some areas in Utah where you will find General Dentistry Services are: American Fork Dentist, West Jordan Dentists, West Jordan Wisdom Teeth, and West Jordan Family Dentistry.

Some examples of dental diagnosing and treating oral problems available at Dentist American Fork, Dentists West Jordan, and West Jordan Family Dentistry are:

– Removing and preventing tooth decay,

– Oral X-Rays which gives a dentist a look at the inside health of your teeth,

– Tooth sealants which protect your teeth especially if you have hard-to-reach deep grooves in your teeth,

– Fixing chipped and/or broken teeth,

– Performing fillings and root-canals to remove, repair, and prevent any further tooth decay and oral pain

– Prescribing and fitting dentures

– Of course, normal dentistry provides regular cleaning and oral inspection as well

Dental school also provides a dentist with the option of specializing in a certain area of dentistry services. For example, a normal dentist would refer you to some of the below specialize dentist services if you have an oral problem beyond your dentist’s expertise.

– Periodontics Dentist: a dentist that studies and treats diseases that arise in the periodontium (the area that surrounds and supports the teeth including bone, gums, and connective-tissue). If you need any oral restorative surgery done, a perodontics dentist is who would most likely do the job. This dentist is able to rebuild gums and/or bone, ensure that bridges, dentures, and/or crowns have the adequate oral foundation they need to function properly.

– Endodontics Dentist: a dentist that studies the causes and prevention of dental pulp and dental nerve diseases. This is the dentist you would go to for root canal and pulp canal therapy.

– Prosthodontics Dentist: This is the dentist that would help you get oral-function back by replacing missing teeth or other missing oral pieces. The prosthodontics dentist replaces any missing oral-structures with other artificial working devices. Dental implants and fitting bridge-work are a few examples of the work this dentist does.

– Pediatric Dentistry: This dentist specializes in oral health services for children and youth. If you have any questions about how baby teeth should fall out and permanent teeth come in or any issues with this a pediatric dentist is who you want to talk to.

– Cancer Services & Medicine Services are other areas available in specialized dentistry that the titles speak for themselves.

Many of the above specialist dentistry is actually performed by a general dentistry dentist. Most likely you would go to your regular dentist for a root-canal, for example. Normally, a dentist is skilled in one or more of the above dentist specialties. Delta Dental, American Fork Dentist, West Jordan Dentists West Jordan Family Dentistry, and West Jordan Wisdom Teeth are all locations where you can find the above dentist services as well as information about dental school and general dentistry.

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