Harmfull effects of Brain Tumor

I. Brain Tumor:- A tumor that starts in the brain is a primary brain tumor. Glioblastoma multiforme, astrocytoma, medulloblastoma and ependymoma are examples of primary brain tumors. Primary brain tumors are grouped into benign tumors and malignant tumors.

Benign brain tumors:- A benign brain tumor consists of very slow-growing cells, usually has distinct borders and rarely spreads. When viewed under a microscope, these cells have an almost normal appearance. Surgery alone might be an effective treatment for this type of tumor.

Malignant brain tumors:- A malignant brain tumor is usually rapid-growing, invasive and life-threatening. Malignant brain tumors are sometimes called brain cancer. However, since primary brain tumors rarely spread outside the brain and spinal cord, they do not exactly fit the general definition of cancer.

Metastatic brain tumors:- Cancer cells that begin growing elsewhere in the body and then travel to the brain form metastatic brain tumors. For example, cancers of the lung, breast, colon and skin (melanoma) frequently spread to the brain via the bloodstream or a magnetic-like attraction to other organs of the body.

II. Risk Factors:- Causes and risk factors can be environmental, such as being exposed to poisonous substances in the home or at work; eating or not eating certain foods; or whether or not we exercise, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol.

Environmental Factors:-
a) Being exposed to air pollution, residential power lines, second hand smoke, agricultural chemicals.
b) Working in synthetic rubber manufacturing or petroleum refining/production.

Genetic Factors:-
a) Genes are the operating instructions for the entire body. Anything that refers to our genes can be called “genetic.”
b) Genetic factors refer to conditions or diseases inherited within families. Only 5-10% of all cancer is actually inherited from one generation to another in a family (also called hereditary).

III. Symptoms:- Symptoms like memory problems, seizures, or changes in personality or in speech may be indications of a brain tumor. In some cases, tumors are discovered by accident, such as when a scan is performed for a non-brain tumor purpose, such as a head injury.

Effects:- With a limited amount of space in the skull, the growth of anything that doesn’t belong there can change the way the brain works. These changes may be temporary or permanent.

Tumors can cause direct damage to brain tissue, a shifting of the brain as the tumor grows or pressure on the brain. As a tumor grows, the symptoms often correspond to the affected parts of the brain.

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