Information On Cancer

Cancer is such a dreadful word that everyone fears to hear. There are various types of cancer and any type of cancer is really bad news. All types of cancer are life threatening (this is what makes them so dreadful). All types of them are not completely curable even with the advancement of the medical field. However, there is continuous research going-on for finding better treatments for cancer and to increase our knowledge on cancer in general. There are already cancer treatments available however, they are only effective when a certain type of cancer is detected during its early stage.

Types of cancer

Normally, the part of the body where the cancer originated is also the type of cancer it is named after. Most common types of cancer are breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and colorectal cancer. The common types of cancer may differ from one country to another however, those mentioned were the top 4 most widespread. Other types which are not so common are: cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer, bone cancer, brain cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, bladder cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, and testicular cancer. Besides this, cancer is also classified as primary and secondary based on whether it originated in that body part itself or spread from another body part.

The way to diagnose the different types of cancer

Apart from the treatment of the different types of cancer, their diagnosis or detection is also very difficult to do. For that matter, the first step in treating cancer is to have appropriate diagnosis and early detection of the type of cancer. If the physician can detect the type of cancer during the early stages, then an individual will have better chances for it to be cured.

Treatment of various types of cancer

Even though not all types of cancer can be fully treated, there are certain types which can be cured if ever they are detected at an early stage; for example, detecting a cancer before malignancy develops. The treatment for cancer is carried out in many different ways. These range from surgery to radiotherapy, chemotherapy and biologic therapies. Hormone therapies are at the same time currently used to treat specific types of cancer. Transplantation of bone marrow and many other new procedures for treatment of cancer are being constantly tried and analysed in order to get a fail-proof treatment for cancer.

Research studies on detection of the types of cancer

The increasing number of deaths brought about by cancer every year has led to a deeper focus on the research of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Meanwhile, we can just hope that there will soon be a complete cure available for the most common types of cancer (if not all types of cancer).

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