Skin Cancer Pie Charts

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. A cure for cancer has not been found yet. This is because the researchers are trying to understand the different changes in our body when we get cancer. Although we have not understood this part, we do know what causes cancer. In case of skin cancer, the UV radiation is the major factor that causes skin cancer. It is true that cancer patients do have genetic predisposition towards it, but what is also true is that excessive exposure to sunlight leads to skin cancer. Hence one of the ways we can prevent being affected by skin cancer is to stay away from the sun as much as possible or to use adequate sun block so that we are not over exposed to UV radiation. Although this seems to be reasonable, the difficult part is communicating this to the general public. Various effective means and methods should be used to communicate the dangers of exposing yourself to the sunlight for a long amount of time. Some people are prone to skin cancer more easily than others. The researchers have managed to arrange data in such a way that, these people can be classified. Hence it becomes easier to curb skin cancer by focussing more on this set of people. One of the most effective ways to communicate this to these people is through various graphs and charts. The skin cancer pie chart is the most useful of all these different means.

The skin cancer pie chart can be used to depict the way skin cancer is spread geographically. As skin cancer is caused to UV radiation, people in places with more sunlight are likely to be more susceptible to skin cancer than other people. By showing this graphically in a pie chart people can understand this and they can take whatever action by moving away from the place or through any other solution.

Skin cancer pie charts can be used to depict the relationship between skin cancer and ethnicity or race. Some people of certain ethnicity or belonging to a certain race are susceptible to cancer. This way these people can monitor their condition regularly and can take preventive medication whenever they notice some changes. Hence these charts can be used to arrive at skin cancer screening procedures.

Skin cancer pie charts manage to communicate important information in an effective manner. This is because people tend to understand certain facts when they are shown graphically. They tend to grasp the seriousness of the issue when it is displayed visually like through pie charts. Thus healthcare service should make good use of pie charts to communicate to their patients and the general public about the various causes of skin cancer and the possible ways to avoid it. This is the best available cure of skin cancer at this moment. These pie charts also help the researches to reach conclusions that can help them to discover the cure to cancer. This is an important use in itself. It can also be used to dispel myths on skin cancer. Hence pie charts should always be used to describe the causes of skin cancer.

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