Lesser known Januvia side effects

Januvia is a drug prescribed to help treat adults with type-2 diabetes. IT is known to do this by equally distributing sugar between the parts of the body in order to insure that each and every part gets how much it needs and does not lack sugar. In September 25, 2009 the FDA issued a revision to the warning label of the drug Januvia or Janumet, which is a combination drug comprised of Januvia and Metformin. The revision was regarding Januvia side effects, including Januvia pancreatic cancer and Januvia thyroid cancer. If you have taken the Januvia diabetes drug and are concerned about Januvia and cancer and/or Januvia and pancreatitis, you should speak with an attorney about a possible Januvia lawsuit so that you can get compensation. What is done is done and no single person can do anything about it. However, if you act on time, you can ensure a better future for your loved ones by leaving them some money that they can use in order to live through life.

Well, before a person files a lawsuit, they must first know what side effects Januvia can inflict on their body. If a person notices any of these side effects, they should definitely get themselves checked for the side effects so that they can be verified. What comes next is the legal stuff. Everyone knows about the most common side effects of Januvia, such as pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer, congestions, weight gain, less urination and swelling of the body parts, but, what most people don’t know are the lesser known Januvia side effects. Here are some of the many lesser known side effects of Januvia.
1. Head ache
2. Back ache
3. Sore throat
4. Muscle pain
5. Constipation
6. Stomach pain
7. Diarrhea
8. Nausea
9. Vomiting
10. Mild fevers
11. Mild to severe skin reactions- These include skin rashes, burnt skin, dead skin, decolonized skin and many more similar skin conditions. In addition, it also contains a burning sensation in the face tongue and eyes, swelling of the face and/or tongue, skin pain and rashes of specific colors (usually purple, pink or red).

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