Facts and myths about toner cartridge recycling

The growth of the internet has made it difficult to find many reliable sources of information. Because individuals are now able to include their own posts on blogs or submit information to other websites, it is becoming increasingly difficult to discover what is true and what is false. This is especially true when trying to find information about toner cartridge recycling. For example, one myth about recycled toner cartridges is that a recycled cartridge will void the warranty on your product. This is a false claim that has been proven false by the United States government. They have mandated that unless the cartridge is directly responsible for the printer’s failure, there is no legal rationale behind voiding the warranty.

This is an extremely common myth that has gained momentum due to the persistence of the brand name printer companies. If a printer company ever tries to use that false rationale with you, then you can simply mention that it is a false claim. Typically, printer companies will be fair when discussing warranty proceedings with you.

A fact of toner cartridge recycling is that there is an opportunity for you to receive a commission if you recycle your old brand name toner cartridges. This is not a commonly known fact, so very few consumers are taking advantage of the opportunity. There are recycling companies that specialize in acquiring old toner cartridges, and they are happy to pay you a commission for your used and empty cartridges. Why are they willing to pay you?

These are the same companies that help to produce remanufactured toner cartridges. With the empty cartridges that you send in, these companies will remanufacture them into cartridges with old and new parts. The toner will be refilled and they will resell the cartridges to consumers at a discounted price.

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