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The objective of pain management after any type of surgical procedure not only includes patient’s comfort but also the prevention of post-surgical complications and the promotion of faster healing and recovery. The central nervous system becomes hypersensitive after surgery, which may result to pain in the surgical wound, as well as other areas not directly involved in the surgery. So pain is expected after the effects of anesthesia will wear down. When there is pain, the patient instinctively limits his/her movements to avoid pain. And when the patient does not move a lot after surgery, complications may arise.

Pneumonia is one of the complications that may arise. It is brought about by the secretion in the lungs that pool because of the lack movement. Just to avoid pain, patient has the tendency to restrain the normal coughing mechanism which further increases the possibility for respiratory tract infections.

Sleep is needed to speed up recovery. Most of the time, pain disrupts rest and sleep. Going back to normal daily activities are also deferred which impairs the healing process because immobility results to poor blood circulation.

The above reasons stress the necessity of an effective pain management after surgery. Patient care does not end after the actual surgery. Effective pain management takes care of the individual who have just undergone surgery and significantly reduces the risks involved after the procedure. It ensures that the patient gets back to performing activities of daily living the soonest possible time, and by doing so, prevents complications and speed up healing and recovery.

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