The cabana man — faq

Q: If I need you to stand by for two hours while the housekeepers clean, how does that get billed?

A: Since I will be at your house, I will perfom a Home Check. The first half hour I will be doing your Home Check and any stand-by time is included in that price. After that, I start billing at our hourly rate. My time is logged in fifteen minute increments. If the house keepers show up at the same time I do, they can begin cleaning while I’m doing the Home Check. If they are there for two hours, you will get billed for a house check and 1.5 hours of stand-by time.


Q: We’re coming into town and I need you to get some grocieries for us. How does that work and what would it cost?

A: I would do a Home Check, and it also sounds like you would like me to do the Pre-Arrival Service, which I would perform upon your request. There is no additional charge for the Pre-Arrival Service. For the shopping question, I’ll use this example: If you want me shop at Trader Joe’s, and it is located 4 miles from your house (I use as my reference guide.), the mileage would be 8 miles. The price for mileage would be $4.04. If the groceries you reqest total $25.64, they would cost you $30.77. If I spend 15 minutes at the store and 15 mintes travel time (I also use to calculate travel time and use your address as “home base”), my time would add up to $25. Here’s what the bill would look like:



Item Location Description Time and Rate
Home Check Your Address Perform Basic Home Check. No problems at this time. Performed a pre-arrival service per client’s request. $80


Additional Service Trader Joe’s Mileage 8 x 50.5 cents per mile
Additional Service Trader Joe’s Driving Time 15 minutes
Additional Service Trader Joe’s Shopping Time 15 minutes
Additional Service Trader Joe’s Groceries $25.64 + 20%



Q: What if you aren’t available when I need you?

A: I will do my best to work with your schedule. In the rare event that I’m unavailable, my assistant is always available.

Q: How do I know my key will be safe?

A: I can assure you your keys will be safe. I don’t store your address or any personal information near your key. All keys are stored in a safe, secure location. You also have the option of giving me a code number, eliminating the worry of a lost or stolen key.

Q: I need you to make multiple shopping stops. Can you do that?

A: Yes of course! I just calculate mileage and driving time using Mapquest. Whenever possible,
I will do a loop from business to business, saving you money.

Q: Can you shop for me without performing a Home Check?

A: Any visits to your house get a Home Check. I’m committed to the safety and security
of your home.

Q: How are Concierge Services billed?

A: If you would like me to provide concierge services, they are billed at an hourly rate with
a one-hour minimum.

Q: If I buy a package of ten Home Checks, how often will you come
to my home?

A: As many times per week or per month as you’d like. For security reasons, it’s recommended that I vary the days and times.

Q: What if you find something wrong when you’re doing a Home Check?

A: Unless the problem needs immediate stabilization (such as a water heater rupture),
I’ll call you right away to explain the problem so we can devise a plan to correct it.


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