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Dare!Published February 8, 2013 at 4:00 pm

Happy Friday, friends! This weekend, our dare is pretty delicious – set aside 20 minutes for a restorative yoga practice! What you need: Download Elle’s guided restorative class by signing up for our newsletter here. (You will receive the download link once you confirm your subscription) Comfy clothing and socks Blankets Pillows Eye pillow or […]

Today’s post is from guest blogger Ali Schultz of Boulder, Colorado.  Ali’s site Love Life Artwork is a colorful array of radical creativity, brilliant paintings and collages, and general awesome-ness that I love to stalk through.  She shares with us here her tips to turn your shower into a spa – what better way to […]

by elle After a weekend sitting in lecture at Southtown Yoga with Dr. Douglas Brooks, a scholar of Hinduism and Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Rochester and definitely one of my favorite people ever, my brain is still spinning from unpacking just a fraction of the Bhagavad Gita.  I can’t wait to […]

Dare!Published January 25, 2013 at 5:36 pm

It’s Friday Dare time and with Angela Morel as our inspiration, we dare you to eat clean and work up a sweat this weekend!! What do we mean by eat clean?  Try for: -No alcohol -No refined sugar or flour -Nothing fried -And lots of fresh fruits and veggies!! If you can only do a […]

by elle When Anna and I decided on the topic of tapas or self-discipline for the month of January, we each knew immediately who we wanted to interview.  For Anna, it was her friend Dr. Jeff Beaudoin to learn more about his impressive daily home yoga practice, which has inspired us both to begin our […]

This week I had the pleasure of talking about Tapas with one of the most dedicated, focused, and self-disciplined yogis I know.  Dr. Jeff Beaudoin is the founder of Omaha Power Yoga and he has an awe-inspiring dedication to his own personal growth both as a student and teacher of yoga.  Jeff practices every day, […]

On Tuesday we announced our theme for the month of January – Tapas, or self-discipline – and included some journaling questions to get you started on building goals for the month.  The two of us hopped on to Skype this week to talk out the meaning of tapas and to discuss our goals for the […]

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