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My original intention was to become a web designer and so I set about teaching myself the dark arts of hand coding but as with all the best laid plans I got a little side tracked and realised quite quickly that there were “out of the box” solutions to a lot of the problems and ideas I was trying to overcome and implement.

Through the open source movement I discovered applications like Joomla, WordPress, Zen-Cart, and others that offered me the opportunity to quickly realise my visions as most of the real hardcore functionality coding had already been done by some really nice people. :D

Each of these Web-apps had their own learning curve and the battle to find good documentation isn’t easily won but with a little perseverance I got the hang of most of their aspects.

I still code from time to time, it’s actually come in more useful to know how it all works under the hood when using these pre-built Web-apps that you sometimes need to tweek.

I’m mainly using Wordrpess for most things as it’s the most user friendly app out there, plus there any thousands of well maintained and supported plugins to make it do all sorts of really cool stuff. I am adept at using Dreamweaver (it’s code hinting makes coding faster but I can do it from scratch in notepad), Photoshop for image editing and simple graphics creation; I can do fresh installs on servers of Joomla, WordPress, Zen-cart, phpBB & VBulletin using ftp and using the cpanel server side administration tools.

I’ve listed below some of the sites i’ve created using both the Web-apps and the stuff I’ve coded from scratch. The only sites I’ve worked on that are “live” are listed under projects on the homepage.

This site was the original draft of this very site. It has a basic 5 page structure with a photo gallery that I hand coded and enhanced with a little lightbox plugin magic.
Original Somasema Site

More to come…

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