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fever… runny nose.. body aches

Cez Tan

Nov 1, 2004

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You wake up feeling tired, congestion starts building up and your
eyes feel hot and burning. Your body ache all over and there’s
an aching
lump in your throat. Aaahhh you got the virus, the influenza virus
or in short, you got FLU!

In the 20’s, everyone feared this virus and true enough,
millions died of it. Now, it’s as common as the housefly.
Science, medicine and technology never got rid of the virus, it
still lurks in every nook and corner of the earth.. BUT! It is
now very curable. There is an unending list of medicines that
one can buy just over the counter. Paracetamols, ibuprofens, antihistamines,
antituisives and antipyretics.. whatever they mean!! Am not a
medical person anyway. Yet these network of terminologies are
now household buzzwords.

I live in one of the earth’s most polluted cities and am
not proud of it. So, I do get my share of the flu virus every
year. As I write this, am still battling a week old virus that
stole my sense of taste and smell for several days. On Monday
afternoon, I knew I got the virus because the bed was the only place I longed (at 3pm??). By early evening, my throat
was dry and itchy and my eyes began to feel hot. I took a paracetamol.
That night I had fever and in the morning, I was so congested
I could hardly breathe. The virus attack was bad and I knew I
had to help myself. The medicines would help but I have always
believed in age-old remedies. My dad would vouch for the ginger
tea. My mom believes in the classic chicken soup. Jit promises
that the menthol vapour exercise would help and I personally believe
that a very hot tea with lemon and honey taken every 3 hours helps
a lot. Since food tastes like cardboard and the idea of taking
a stroll at the mall makes your knees shake and crumble, the best
thing to do is stay home and love the bed for at least two days.

Take your medicines regularly and make yourself eat no matter
how tasteless the food seem. Drink lots of hot liquids, soups
and avoid foods that will irritate the throat. A week-long flu
leaves you feeling weak, drained and lonely. Everyone is having
fun and you are tied to the bed and a thermos bottle!

It’s Monday once again. I think the virus got tired of
invading my system and flew away because now I can smell Alec’s
baby shampoo on his damp hair and this morning’s omelette
didn’t taste like cardboard anymore.

Btw, drink your vitamin c and stay healthy. It wards off the

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