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A Couple Important Tips On How To Get Started With Article Marketing Online

July 4, 2010 | By Jeramy Colvin In Niche Market Finder |

How to get started with article marketing online is very exciting, though securing a main direction is key element to success. Making a list of interests that one is truly passionate about and that they will enjoy sharing with others for a long time.

The areas that have the most longevity are called “evergreen” topics. Searching this term can give a thorough description, yet simply these are areas such as, health, auto, relationships, travel, etc. Subject matter that will always b e of interest and will continuously grow and change in time. Another tern for a focused subject is called a “niche.”

Once a niche is established it is time to start publishing. Through establishing a niche and sharing ones genuine information, they are creating a “Brand” for themselves. This process is known as “Branding.” It is creating a reputation of the person in the online market. The secret to success with this stage is to be genuine and to not try to “sell” everyone who is encountered. The more articles shared and connections with others grow, the easier it is to naturally create lists.

There are various types of platforms to choose from. Typically, two main types are – either writing on a community based writing platform or a personal website. Writing sites often offer the benefits of revenue sharing of various degrees through affiliate programs, a supportive community of other writers to learn from, and may also have a reputable position with search engines.

While others create websites or blogs where they will have more work to create a branding and lists, yet the outcome will be to have more freedom of what is posted, affiliates chosen to represent, and creating lists where one has the means to receive email addresses of those subscribed to directly connect.

The advantages of connecting with an established writing site, is the community involvement. There are countless other online writers to learn from to grow to higher levels. Depending upon the sites ranking this may also help for articles to be indexed sooner in search engines. A large portion of writers choose a hybrid version, where they will have accounts with writing sites as well as their own website. That will surely keep anyone super busy, even if they hire out-side writers for content.

The types of lists generated from a writing site are typically more limited than on a personal website/blog. They are often other writers from the site which follow other writers’ work they like. Or the option of subscribing to a writers account. These types of lists do not offer a writer any information on the subscribers. They are basic style RSS feed subscriptions.

Yet, to create a solid list of outside traffic, one must go the extra mile to social networks and social bookmarking sites and link their articles in as many communities as possible. Then, the following is just for website users. They can create a “Squeeze page” on their site. It will be located in a sidebar where visitors can subscribe to the list. Or an “Opt box” can be added where people can subscribe and their email address will be added to the list. Having lists that include email addresses is by far the most valuable type of list there is. This way the option is open to directly connect with information. How to get started with article marketing online is work, yet when properly planned, every amount of effort is a big step to creating a solid future.

Jeramy Colvin is an Attraction Marketing Coach who uses Content Marketing for personal branding and to generate leads for his primary MLM Business. He teaches MLM business owners how to brand themselves online with a simple system that guarantees results. To learn how to explode your MLM business Online, click on Conquer Internet Marketing.

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