Cojimar cigars from little havana trading co.

Cojimar’s flavored cigars are combined with Drew Estate’s exceptional blending abilities to create
new, truely unique cigars.

White Sage with Rose Honey Sweet Tip
Used by Southwestern Native Americans as a sacred
smudging herb, White Sage has been traditionally known to drive away negative influences, purify the human energy field, and
restore balance to the mind and body. In the cleansing spirit of this unusual and mystic herb Drew Estate presents the new
Cojimar White Sage Exotic. Complimented with a Rose Honey sweet tip, this 4 by 38 cigar, wrapped in Indonesian tobacco,
delivers sweet and distinct flavors with an aroma that induces a feeling of well being, relaxation, and expansiveness.
A true ceremonial smoking experience.

Black Vanilla with a Mocha Sweet Tip
Although there are fifty or more kinds of
vanilla plant, there is only one with fruit suitable for use in flavoring extract, Vanilla planifolia. After curing for
several months, the long thin vanilla pods, filled with beans, become very dark in color and permeate the air with an
uplifting fragrance. Native of the valley of Mazantla, in Vera Cruz, Mexico, the vanilla bean was used by the Aztecs
in making chocolate. Today Drew Estate has created a unique cigar blended with the finest vanilla oils, premium
Nicaraguan tobacco, and a Connecticut shade wrapper. A mocha sweet tip adds eloquence to the new Black Vanilla
Cojimar Exotic, a cigar that will put you in a dream like state.

Orange Spice with a Vanilla Cream Sweet Tip
Full bodied black teas
from India and China, the finest cinnamon and spices from Sri Lanka and sweet Florida orange peels and orange
oil were the inspiration behind the new Cojimar Exotic Orange Spice. Zesty flavors of citrus combine with
spicy cinnamon notes to create a rich, fruity, aromatic blend. Hand rolled with South East Asian tobacco
and topped off with a Vanilla Cream sweet tip, this smoke is incredibly satisfying and outrageously delicious.

Chai Tea with a Mandarin Honey Sweet Tip
Enjoyed for centuries
in India, Chai Tea is an ancient beverage, savored for its rich, complex flavors. Traditional ingredients
combine rich black tea, boiled in milk, and flavored w/spices such as cinnamon, ginger, sharp clove, &
cardamom. Throughout Mumbai small tea stalls line the streets as “chaiwallas” (tea vendors) serve the fresh
brew for anxiously awaiting customers. Indian chai produces a warming, soothing effect over the body and acts
as a natural digestive aid. With reverence toward this great tea, Drew Estate is proud to present Cojimar
Exotic Chai Tea. A Connecticut wrapper & mandarin honey sweet tip adds sweet citrus flavor and makes for a
perfectly balanced cigar.

Cojimar Exotics Sample Pack
Contains 1 Black Vanilla with Mocha
Sweet Tip, 1 Chai Tea with Mandarin Honey Tip, 1 Orange Spice with Vanilla Cream Tip, 1 White Sage with Rose Honey Tip .

Strength Rating: 3      Mild 1 2 3 4 5 Full Bodied

Individual Cigars

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