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Born December 12th, 1984 in Cleveland, OH  Holly started her music career young.  


She’s been singing since she was 3 years old, after her parents noticed one day while the radio was playing in the car that she was singing along, but wasn’t singing the melody.  She was singing HARMONY!  They knew their baby girl was extra special then and got her into dance class and singing in her church’s children’s choir for several years.

Holly started to play several musical instruments as she grew in her school years.  Starting off with the flute, she played that until her freshman year of high school, in which she switched to saxophone.  A year later, she took piano lessons and began composing songs.

At her show choir’s spring show in her senior year, she had the opportunity to sing a solo.  She sang “Breathe” by Faith Hill, and just literally blew the crowd away with her amazing voice.


Now, at the age of 21, she is working hard to record her demo and make her dreams come true as she studies Journalism.  She auditioned in 2004 for American idol but was turned away by the producers.  She hopes to return this fall to audition for American Idol 6.


Her family now lives in the rural town of Middlefield, OH, where Holly continues to get the support from her community as she struggles to become an recording artist.

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