How to tackle the summer

Summer is a tricky time for losing weight and staying in shape.

With all the summer BBQs, the baked goods, ice cream, and alcoholic beverages everywhere, you can get the sense that there are temptations everywhere you turn.

Especially with the Fourth of July coming next week it is imperative that you are ready to tackle the week and come out victorious at the end.

I want to share with you 5 simple strategies that will help you make sure that you are staying on track and continuing to get into the best shape of your life. Stay focused on these steps and put them into action to get the results you are looking for this summer.

1. Eat 85% Clean
– Focus on eating proteins and green vegetables as much as you can. Throw in your healthy fats and when you have to eat grains make sure you eat them in the morning. 

2. Plan Cheat Meals 15%
– If you know you have a big party or get together on Saturday night, make sure you eat clean for breakfast and lunch and then have your cheat meal once you get to the party. Plan out these meals so that you don’t go overboard and make sure that you eat a good clean breakfast that same day. This will help you stay on track with your goals but also allow you to indulge and have fun without being the party pooper.

3. Go to the Farmer’s Market
– Hit up your local farmer’s market this summer and stock up on all the seasonal vegetables and fruit! This will help boost your immune system and also help you to shed off that excess belly fat! Eat more produce at each meal and see your waist slim down!

4. Strive to Workout 6x/wk
– If you are going to Fearless Fitness, then 3 or 4 days are already mapped out for you. So for the other 2-3 days focus one day on cardio. Try biking, running, or swimming and do sprints with it such as 30 secs as fast as you can followed by 15 secs of a slower pace. Get comfortable and work your way up to 20-25 minutes of this and it will burn a ton of calories!

The other 2 days focus on bodyweight circuit workouts or add weight for more resistance. Pick out 4-5 exercises and hit up 15 reps of each for 5 rounds. It doesn’t have to be super long but get that heart rate up and focus on perfect technique with each rep.

You can also check out my Youtube page for workout ideas that I post up.

5. Make Sure you P.L.A.N
– Planning is the first and most crucial step with anything you do! You must plan out how you are going to attack your day/week/summer! Winging it will never work!

Try jotting down the night before what your goal is for the next day and putting it by your bed so that when you wake up you will see that goal and already have your mind ready to attack the day! 

I do this every night before I go to bed and it has helped me prepare mentally everyday!

If your goal this summer is to look good in that swimsuit, lose weight, drop inches, and decrease body fat, then take these strategies and put them into ACTION!

These strategies are no good just looking at and thinking they are a great idea…. YOU MUST DO THEM!

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or just want to know more!


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