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Actos, (pioglitazone hydrochloride) is an oral pill used to treat diabetes. Actos is used on people with non-insulin dependent or type2 diabetes. Though pioglitazone can sometimes be used in combination with other drugs or even insulin, it cannot be used to control type1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is prevalent among adults and can be controlled using medication, diet and on rare occasions, insulin. Actos belongs to a family of medication called glitazones. Drugs in this family reduce insulin resistance.

Product Description And Ingredients: Actos is available in 15mg, 30 mg and 45 mg tablets. 15 mg Actos tablets are white, convex round tablets marked “actos” on one side and “15” on the other face. 30mg Actos Canada tablets are white, round and flat similarly marked with Actos Online on one side and “30” on the other. 40 mg tablets bear the same shape but with a “45” marking. The drug is packaged in aluminum blister packers of seven or 28 tablets. The active ingredient is pioglitazone hydrochloride. However, each tablet also contains magnesium stearate, Carmellose calcium, LActose, and Hydroxypropylcellulose. Actos does not contain gluten, sucrose, tartazine or any azo dyes.

Benefits Of Actos On Heart Patients With Diabetes: Actos has been widely recommended for patients with type 2 diabetes who also has a history of heart problems. During a major clinical trial, Buy Actos Online was found to reduce the risk of recurrent heart attack or death by 16%. In this study which involved 5200 patients with a history if heart problems the benefit was in the PROACTIVE (Prospective pioglitazone Clinical Trial in Macro vascular Events) was the main secondary endpoint. This end point was a composite of strokes, premature death and myocardial infactions which 12.3% of the patients reached compared to the 14.1% of those who were taking placebo. Apart from this, the trial also found that using Actos also.
– Reduced HbA1c (blood glucose) by 0.5% higher than placebo
– Increased HDL by 19% compared to the 9% increase by placebo.
– Reduced triglycerides by 11.1% compared to 2% increase when using a placebo.
– Decreased progression to permanent use of insulin by 50% more than placebo
– Hypertensive patients also decreased systolic blood pressure by about 3 mm Hg more than placebo.

Before Taking Actos: Before taking Actos Canada, there are certain things you need to ascertain with the help of your doctor. First, you should find out whether you have typed one or type2 diabetes. Do not take Buy Actos if you have type1 diabetes. In case you have shown any previous allergies to pioglitazone hydrochloride containing drugs, it is highly advisable not to use Buy Actos Online. Some of the most common symptoms of allergy include short breath, breathing difficulties and wheezing, swelling of the face and lips, rash or itchiness.

Known Side Effects: Actos helps control type2 diabetes, but some people experience some unpleasant side effects after using it. Some side effects only manifest when certain dosages are prescribed so it is important to inform the doctors. Some of the common side effects associate with this drug includes:
– A slight increase in weight
– A higher risk of bone fracture in ladies impaired or altered liver function.
– Macular edema
– Hypoglycemia (low glucose levels in the blood).
Do not get unduly alarmed at these side effects though, only a few people ever experience. The use of Buy Actos during pregnancy is not recommended. In case it becomes necessary to do this, you should consult with doctors. Breast feeding when using Actos Online is also discouraged though there is no proof that it can be passed on through breast milk.

Storage: Buy Actos Canada tablet should be kept in their blister pack until you take all of them. Actos tablets ought to be stored in a cool, dry place with where temperatures do not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Do not store Buy Actos Online tablets in a bathroom together with other drugs to avoid mixing them up.

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