{my skinny breastfed babies.}

Yesterday we went for Ember’s 2 month shots…2 months late. 

That’s ok, even though I am pro-immunization, I don’t mind delaying the shots a little since I am exclusively breastfeeding.

You know the drill when you go for your child’s immunizations…they measure length and weight and 

record it in your child’s health passport. Then they plot both of these numbers on the growth chart to see where your baby is at. At least that’s how they do it here in Canada.

I guess some moms dislike it when they have to strip their babies down to nothing to get them weighed…understandable in the winter and if their baby is of an intense temperament.

The nurse will then let you know that they’ll take 2 ounces off the child’s weight for the onesie, and an ounce for the diaper…seems like too much to me, but what do I know?

However, when the ounces were removed, Ember weighed in at a slight 10lbs 9oz. 

(She was 6lbs 4oz at birth, Aug 30, 2011).

Surprisingly, she was 24.5 inches, a whopping 6.5 inches more than she was at birth!!

This combination obviously made the nurse uneasy and she began asking rather judgmental (in my opinion) questions regarding when the last time she visited the doctor was, was I concerned about my milk supply, when did I notice Ember not gaining, etc.

All of it made me feel like a first-time mom and I went home feeling guilty and anxious.

Had I been starving Ember? WAS my milk supply low? How can I possibly tell??! 

Was I a neglectful mother who was not aware of a slow weight-gain?

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