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Dong Mingzhu: Gree air-conditioning sales final annual, 30 million years, 20% to 25% is exported overseas markets. For the Previously,Office 2010 Product Key, many companies out very nice condition, but we still stick to their minds, adhere to bring an end to … of their brand and quality, preferably than simply out of a number. I think multinational is no simply Nali go to build factories and cheap price, adhere to this, we tin deem the international mall is growing. Currently, the Gree own brand in Brazil,Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key, with year sales of 500,000 units wind conditioning, independent brand in the United States exports to reach 1.5 million elements.

technological research over three billion last year

correspondent: the annual summer sales season into the air conditioning, air-conditioning capacity issues are of care. At present, Gree air-conditioning capacity be?

Gree ready to United States factories

Dong Pearl: After years of effort, air-conditioning industry is one of the few truly grab the core technology of the industry. Some experts have predicted that the next 3-5 years, the Chinese air conditioning industry is the maximum likely truly Once you main the core technology, the future no stuff how the market context changes, the Chinese air conditioning industry can certainly be invincible on the world stage.

Dong Mingzhu: Gree has been using a sound evolution tactics. For instance, in billions of Brazil was prepared to vote, but began to invest tens of millions, it was found complicated to control. International reach every have their own alternative. Others have the variety of prowess, I do not merely take a prudent development. Of course, Europe’s century-old also via acquisitions of local companies to achieve localization,EMC Filter, if you have the strength, civilization, management and technology, you can go to purchase. However, if the accretion of only the acquisition of other people’s technology, it is very successful. I think that the internationalization of Chinese enterprises can not simply out of asset, but the output technology and treatment.

Dong Mingzhu: Currently, Gree in the country with Zhuhai, Chongqing, Hefei,MS Office 2007 Product Key, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, five major production bases,Cocktail Shaker, production capacity of 40 million home air conditioning sets (excluding the construction of Zhengzhou, Wuhan base),Soccer Jerseys, annual capacity of 5.5 million mercantile air conditioning sets. Under construction in Wuhan, Zhengzhou production base maneuvering capacity of 600 million sets,GPS Tracking Software, that is put into operation 2 bases, Gree’s home production capacity surpassed 50 million air-conditioning sets.

Reporters: For years, Chinese companies look inward to bigger and stronger,Botanical Slimming Soft Gel, always like to see Volvo’s acquisition of such cases, if you think the international combinations and acquisitions must be done by?

online shopping is not a stop any plan?

Gree now ready to plant in the United States. Many folk may feel that the high cost of plant to the United States, but I think we have advanced technology will be skillful to build factories.

capacity expansion are not terrified of policy changes

the quondam 20 years, Gree Electric Appliances Zhuhai from an obscure small plants grow into the world’s largest contractor of family air-conditioning. With many alter home appliances commerce is always focused on the Gree air conditioning. Dong Mingzhu, President Gree recently adopted an preferential interview, this explanation is She also talked almost international business issues,energy saving lamp, said the internationalization of Chinese enterprises can not simply out of funds, but the output technology and management.

Zhengzhou,Super Slim Pomegranate, Wuhan, two base current construction progress in line with expectations, is expected to start to come on flow in August this year. Gree air-conditioning industry as a leadership enterprise in the next few years will continue to adapt based on market demand strategy for the global consumers with quality products.

correspondent: the important brands have to build a new product found, the view namely such a colossal scale evaluation of the expansion of making capability, whether the alteration in plan of family utensils, is likely apt lead apt overcapacity position? How do you look this view?

Reporter: Before the news, Haier, Gree stores may be an alliance,Meizitang, the sales of Haier’s products?

Reporters: Gree air-conditioning in the overseas market to? Many companies face a lot of international issues, such for investment in diplomatic countries, there is the acquisition, but the productions always sell, then the Gree

Dong Pearl: I have said ahead, Gree several ten thousand stores, delivery outlets,Botanical Slimming, resources, well, why not introduce other products such as refrigerators, washing machines and other pearly it? Moreover, the presentation of the brand must Gree brand is alike, with inspire in the world. Such as Haier’s refrigerators, rinsing machines. This is not said to whom Gree federation, purely by access of similarity,Ice Bucket, misunderstood by everybody. Channels, the introduction of other products, fair one idea, the current store still Monopoly Gree air-conditioning.

Dong Pearl: E-commerce is the trend, but not absolute rule of the market,MS Office 2010 Product Key, I think the two (e-commerce and traditional sales channels) will co-exist. Household appliances, air conditioning, too many products, the development of online shopping channels, the enterprise is more challenging. I think that online shopping appliances there are many problems, quality problems may be invisible, which still need to be cautious. Gree should be tailored to the times,Meizitang Slimming, but today I think the market has not

Correspondents: 2010 to benefit from national policy, air conditioning, production additional rapidly, some experts believe that the future is difficult to procreate the high growth in 2010, how do you view this publish?

Reporter: After 20 years of development, Gree air-conditioning industry growth for the employer, how to linger forward Gree,compact fluorescent lamp, not rivals further?

the correspondent Yin Jie

Dong Mingzhu: Gree take the professional road, your outside world in their own rejected the temptation, and the chief market is not in any way. Gree will continue to focus on the future of air conditioning. Whether it is an extension of the perpendicular necklace,Super Slim Capsule, or lateral expansion of the product lineup, we believe that air-conditioning market, there is still many apartment for development.

Dong Pearl: For other brands of initiatives we will not to remark above our own terms Gree, a production base for any operation, along to market demand and expansion is a strategic determination, not blind expansion. China is the world’s largest consumer and producer of air-conditioning, a colossal market claim will not be a qualitative change in policy. Coupled with global demand as air conditioning in emerging countries is increasing year at year, so we are confident of the hereafter market prospects.

Reporter: Many appliance makers have opted for diversified investment, stocks, investment real possession, investment in energy, 20 years, only insisted on Gree diversification of the industrial chain link, why insist on this strategy? If the air conditioning industry is facing the afterward inflection point, Gree will be how to handle with?

Dong Pearl: Chinese enterprises to grow and really become a world-class companies, must adhere to independent innovation. Without innovation,Soccer Uniforms, there is not way out. Gree now has the industry’s only national stamina saving refrigeration equipment Engineering Research Center,EMI Filter, built three elementary Research,Super Slim, 21 research colleges, five technical development division, more than 300 laboratories, 4,500 R & D workers . In 2010, Gree R & D investment over $ 3 billion investment in China’s home appliance industry, an of the largest scientific research.


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