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August 13, 2012
Guy Hanson


We all want the same things from our
foundation, easy application with a flawless finish that lasts all day;
behold Angel face’s superb 100% natural mineral foundations!

Offering a
selection of shades ranging from 01 (very fair) to 06 (very dark) we
guarantee there is one to suit you as we know everyone’s skin is
different and every woman is individually beautiful and deserve a
radiant finish.

We also
take pride in our products and adore the versatility our foundation
enjoys, such as mixing your foundation with sun cream to create a
stunning tinted moisturiser, or whether you apply it with a dry kabuki
brush as simply as dip, tap, and swirl, by making the small change of
dampening the brush, suddenly you are looking at a heavier coverage and
is perfect for dry skin sufferers. Speaking of perfection, the
foundation can work with psoriasis, and eczema, soothing and healing the
skin, which is just incomparable to normal liquid foundations.

Gone is
the day where we stood around and looked pretty, we lead hectic lives
and our foundations  reflect that and are completely modern life proof,
not only does it provide SPF 15 coverage, but it is completely sweat and
tear proof and contains (here comes the sciency bit) allantoin which
preserves, heals and nourishes the skin and mica to give a youthful and
radiant glow.

Here at
Angel face, unlike other leading make-up chains, we refuse to adulterate
our products with nasty chemicals and instead use only natural, skin
healing ingredients  and as you would expect from a company committed to
animal welfare we can assure you that none of our products are tested
on animals and our packaging is environmentally friendly.


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