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I was really happy to see ” as part of of the “. So many people have asked exactly what is Finetune, and I think they do a great job of explaining what it is, and why it deserves to be an AIR case study.

The Finetune case study is something that shouldn’t just be looked at from the entire AIR perspective – this isn’t the first platform/deployment venue where Finetune has been smart enough to be one of the first people in/adopt ( the Wii player version immediately comes to mind). Its the execution of the branding strategy vision – to create more access points to this experience without diluting that said experience, that makes Finetune the case study to watch and reference. Finetune is definitely a product with a road map and that is what excites me about the evolution of that product/service – to me, the various deployment platforms are types of pitstops along the way and merely just parts of the bigger picture. All us techno-dweebs can be gushing over what a tight AIR application it is – but the strategy/marketing folk should be paying just as much attention.

No more metaphors. I promise!

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