BKK-Health.com: make Healthy Living a lifetime habit

BKK-Health.com would like to be a service and information promoter related to a healthy lifestyle in Bangkok and Thailand.
We belief that healthy, balanced lifestyle habits can prevent people from getting physically and mentally sick and therefore is reducing the pain and costs for ourselves and our loved ones.

Many research papers, WHO reports, news paper and magazine article show, that today’s increasing chronic disease are self made and that people decrease their physical and mental health every day little by little with questionable lifestyle choices.

We would like to encourage you with education, tips and information to take responsibility, change your daily routines, eating habits and mind set towards yourself and your body and what you are able to achieve, to help you stay healthy, active, fit, young and pain free.

With warm regards


Nutrition & Fitness Coach, SAFS Switzerland
Traditional Thai Medicine Therapist, Wat Pho, Bangkok

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