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We now do custom compounding of

Do you have trouble swallowing pills, suffer needless side
effects from oral medications, or have trouble finding the
correct dosage just for you? WeВ’ve got a solution for

Customized compounding is here! We have recently completed
our state-of-the-art compounding laboratory.
Mass-produced, commercially available medications are
intended to satisfy the needs of most of the population.
They are available in limited strengths and dosage forms
which do not always meet the needs of all patients. Many
contain dyes, colors, or preservatives which are not
tolerated by all patients. Consequently, many patients
suffer needless side effects from medications or do not
receive the full potential benefit.

Compounding medications allows the pharmacist, working with
the patient and the physician, to prepare a medication
unique for each individual patientВ’s needs. By
overcoming these obstacles, the physician can adjust dosages
to help patients receive the maximum benefit with minimum
adverse reaction. Unique dosage forms can be prepared, such
as creams, ointments, gels, lozenges, and even flavored
lollipops. In many cases, topical gels can be prepared to
eliminate the need to take oral medications that may upset
the stomach.

Compounding prescriptions is not a new concept. In fact, it
is the way pharmacy was practiced for many years before drug
manufacturers began offering mass-produced medications in
the 1950В’s and 1960В’s. Many pharmacists across the
country have returned to compounding as patient
dissatisfaction with commercially available dosage forms
continues to increase.

Compounding pharmacist John Krick has received extensive
training in the area of compounding that builds on the
age-old compounding skills by incorporating the latest in

Compounding is a natural extension of our philosophy that
each individual problem requires an individual solution.
Medicine is not a one-size-fits-all situation.В”

If you have experienced problems with your medications, we
can help. Call to schedule a free consultation concerning
your problem and let us work together to find a customized
solution just for you</span>.

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