PK Healthcare Consultants

Pat Wright-Kraft has provided consulting services to healthcare clients within the greater Tampa Bay region and throughout the State of Florida for the past ten (10) years.  These services have included development services for Ambulatory Surgery Centers, hospital and free-standing Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories and Cardiac Imaging Facilities.  Her clinical background, coupled with her extensive design and construction experience enables her to provide her clients with a complete package of services.

Over the years her experience and attention to detail have enabled her to work closey with many of the reputable and experienced healthcare construction and architectural firms in the Tampa Bay area. Her impact on a project has made her the “consultant of choice” amongst many design proffessionals.  In addition, her experience with a wide array of healthcare projects have enabled her to develop and exceptional relationship with the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), AAAHC, Joint Commission and a majoriity of major equipment vendors .

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