Effective Tips To Make Your Vagina Tight Without Surgery

Reasons for loose genital passage in women include child birth, intercourse with multiple partners, use of sex toys for masturbation, malnutrition, growing age and menopause. Hormonal imbalance will also result in loose genital passage. Whatever may be the reasons for loose genital passage; you can safely tighten your vagina naturally and regain your youth. You should consume healthy diet. Practicing kegel exercises is one of the best options to tighten your vagina and offer nice friction to your husband’s penis to enjoy intimate moments. You can also try herbal remedies to make your vagina tight without surgery. One of the best herbal remedies for tightening your loose genital passage is through the use of herbal remedy Aabab tablet. Herbal remedies are developed using natural ingredients. You can use them to safely tighten your genital passage and enjoy nice intercourse with your handsome man.

You should ensure sufficient nutrients in your daily diet to regain lost elasticity and grip in your vaginal passage. Herbal medicine – Aabab tablet helps to make your vagina tight without surgery. Key ingredients of Aabab tablets include Quercus Infectoria and Argilla Vitriolutum. You need to keep this tablet before one hour of the love act in your vaginal passage. It gets dissolved immediately and tightens your loose muscles and improve grip for your husband’s penis. It offers excellent grip to ensure smooth strokes. Its effects will last for up to three hours to enjoy nice and intense orgasm. It is intended for external application only.

To enjoy firm grip, you are advised to use Aabab tablet continuously for six weeks. It offers best treatment for yeast infection in your vaginal passage. It also prevents unpleasant odor in your genitals. It ensures supply of essential nutrients to your body. It ensures sufficient lubrication through regulating hormones. Aabab tablets are offered in the denomination of 72, 48, 24 and 96 tablets at online stores. You can safely buy at reduced rates and ensure your privacy. In view of all these health benefits Aabab tablet is considered as best medicine to make your vagina tight without surgery.

You are advised not to use sex toys for masturbation because elasticity is lost with such hard objects. Your genital passage will find it difficult to regain its normal grip.

You can stop holding your urine for few seconds and then release. Repeat this process several times. It helps to tighten muscles and tighten your vaginal passage.

Pueraria Mirifica is one of the best herbs to help tighten walls of your vaginal passage and offer nice friction to your boy friend’s male. It also helps to generate new tissues in the vaginal passage. It also helps to balance estrogen levels in your body. It also consists of isoflavone to safeguard you from cancer. Curcuma comosa is another useful herb for tightening your loose vaginal passage. It also helps to prevent genital passage walls prolapse. It also offers best treatment for vaginal dryness, menstrual cramps and hot flashes. You should be comfortable in the love act to prevent any damage to vaginal walls. You can ask your husband for foreplay act. It helps to turn you on and ensure sufficient lubrication for the love act.

The New Types Of Dental Technology

The advancement in dental technology has allowed dentist the ability to provide more efficient and productive dental treatments to patients. The technology helps to make the treatments go by easily for both patients and dentists.

Fortunately for patients, the industry continues to grow and change at a constant rate. So, if you need to visit the dentist for an issue that you believe is complicated, schedule a consultation with a dentist so you will be updated on the latest techniques and technology that is used in dentistry.

There are several different procedures that are new to dentistry, and once you learn more about these procedures, you will know which treatment and procedure is best for your needs.

What Are Digital X-Rays?

Although you may be familiar with regular x-rays, you may not know what digital x-rays are. These x-rays produce results more quickly than traditional x-rays. The x-ray’s image appears within seconds after the x-ray has been given. Dentists also have the ability to adjust the image so that they are able to exam your teeth better.

This means that dentists now have the ability to detect an issue or a potential issue much faster. This type of technology is also safer for patients because it releases less radiation than traditional x-rays.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Both patients and dentists enjoy laser technology because it is more efficient and less painful than other methods of treatment. This technology can be used to fill cavities, whitening teeth, removing oral tumors and reducing teeth sensitivity. This type of dentistry is not only painless; it is also effective at preventing and removing bacteria growth.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a technology that replaces metal and clear braces. This technology helps to make teeth straighter, and eliminates the need for patients to wear unsightly metal braces. This braces alternative can be worn on the teeth and taken off of the teeth as need. The patient does not have to restrict the food that they eat. Invisalign has become the most popular type of corrective oral wear because the technology is not obtrusive.

What Are Dental Implants?

These implants consist of metal screws that are placed in the gum where teeth are missing. The implants are a wonderful option for patients who want to have a brand new healthy smile. Patients enjoy the natural smile that dental implants provide.

What Is VELScope?

VELscope is a light technology that is shined on a person’s teeth. This light helps to detect anything that is abnormal within the teeth. The light can be used to detect certain health conditions such as mouth cancer. Many patients have been treated for oral cancer in the beginning stages because of this technology.

What Is DIAGNOdent?

This is an advanced technology that is used by dentists to help detect cavities that cannot be detected with x-rays. This technology prevents patients from having to make repeated trips to the dentist, and cavities are prevented from expanding.

What Is Zoom! Whitening?

Zoom is a technique that is used to whiten the teeth. The technique is faster, and produces longer results. A single Zoom treatment can make your teeth up to shades whiter.

New dentist technology is appearing all the time. Use these treatments to improve your dental health.

Quit Smoking

Smoking results in causing ulcer, stroke, mouth and throat cancer, larynx cancer, various heart diseases, pulmonary disease, bladder and cervical cancer. So, it becomes very important to give up this bad habit. Quitting this bad habit will reduce your risks for diseases and improve your health.

Another very common health risk is for smokers. It is a well known fact that nicotine gives rise to several severe health complications after any surgery. It is very important that people who are undergoing cosmetic surgery or for that matter any surgery should quit smoking, or at least temporarily stop smoking if they want to avoid several problems after surgery.

Most of the doctors instruct their patients to stop smoking before cosmetic surgery especially before face up lift surgery. Because of poor blood circulation due to smoking, the skin becomes dry and healing becomes very difficult after surgery. It is for this reason that smokers should quit smoking as soon as possible.

Sexual functioning requires balanced coordination among hormones, nervous system to carry stimulation and healthy vascular system to pump blood to the penile tissues to cause a proper erection.

Sexual functioning requires balanced coordination among hormones, nervous system to carry stimulation and healthy vascular system to pump blood to the penile tissues to cause a proper erection. Absence of any component among them will inevitably lead to erectile dysfunction.

Now, what is the contribution of smoking in causing erectile dysfunction? Smoking affects the vascular system by narrowing down the blood vessels that contributes to the blockage of arteries; therefore the penis gets insufficient blood pumped into it, which results in a failed erection.

Cigarette smoke contains about 4000 chemicals, most of which are supposed to damage the vascular system. The most dangerous chemicals are carbon monoxide, nicotine, and butadiene, causing thousands of deaths and millions of heart attacks, arthritis and impotence.

A sheer fact can be deduced from the following findings; cigarette smoking results systemic arterial damage. We can infer another fact that impotence or erectile dysfunction is a signal to other life threatening diseases like heart attack, stroke and other heart and artery related problems.

Another very common health risk is for smokers. It is a well known fact that nicotine gives rise to several severe health complications after any surgery. It is very important that people who are undergoing cosmetic surgery or for that matter any surgery should quit smoking, or at least temporarily stop smoking if they want to avoid several problems after surgery.

Most of the doctors instruct their patients to stop smoking before cosmetic surgery especially before face up lift surgery. Because of poor blood circulation due to smoking, the skin becomes dry and healing becomes very difficult after surgery.

In general, smoking and tobacco affects all the parts of the human digestive system. It is the biggest cause for cancer. Smoking causes heartburn and reflux, the two triggers for symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Besides nicotine, tobacco contains about four hundred toxins and forty three carcinogens.
These harmful substances are carried by the bloodstream to the digestive tract, thus triggering IBS symptoms. Inhaling tobacco smoke can cause gas, belching and bloating that are symptoms of IBS.

Strokes and heart attacks are other life threatening diseases which can be caused by smoking. Now, let me tell you that smoking increases the risk of erectile dysfunction by 50% for men in their 30s and 40s. Let us see what nicotine actually does to the male private part to negate an erection.

Firstly you have to make-up your mind and change your nearby environment. Throw all cigarettes and ashtrays from your workplace, car and home. Your family, friends can also help you to achieve this. Don’t allow anyone to smoke around you. You can also take advice from your health care provider.

Author presents a website on quit smoking. This website provides information about different ways to quit smoke, benefits of quitting smoke and symptoms that arise after leaving this habit. You can visit his site for health guide.

Cigarette smoke contains about 4000 chemicals, most of which are supposed to damage the vascular system. The most dangerous chemicals are carbon monoxide, nicotine, and butadiene, causing thousands of deaths and millions of heart attacks, arthritis and impotence.

Smoking worsens the symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome. The symptoms of IBS are worsened by tobacco and it does not matter whether the tobacco is chewed, smoked or inhaled. The fact is that tobacco is a very potent gastrointestinal tract irritant, a carcinogen and a stimulant.

Nicotine found in tobacco has addictive properties and is a toxin that tends to weaken the esophageal sphincter. This leads to the increased production of acid in the stomach and reduces the generation of sodium bicarbonate that is important in counterbalancing the stomach acid.

How Can I Make Sure I Stay Healthy?

Today in the UK with all of the stress and pressure of modern life, one question comes into mind to every adult, how can I make sure I stay healthy? The answer is simple, eating a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and preventative health screenings. For both men and women this is the key to a healthy life and living many years.

Private scans are used to screen for example, abnormalities in breast tissue which is the first defence against breast cancer in women. It is the same with men where private scans would be used to prevent or detect prostate cancer as well as testicular cancer. Also eating a balanced diet with nutritional food is a basis for a healthy body. Unfortunately the increased rates of obesity in the UK have made it more of a challenge.

Fortunately there are programs and initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle. In these programs people are encourage to walk and do other forms of exercise. Here again the importance of exercise and nutrition are key to healthy living. The internet has been a useful tool for resources on what to do to keep healthy.

Today modern medicine has made great strides in the field of preventative medicine. Doctors are very clear to point out the importance of exercise and nutrition. But sometime they can catch an illness in an early stage. That is why this type of medicine is important in modern life in the western world. Another resource is magazines that are geared for giving important health information and tips for keeping healthy. In recent years television has made an effort to create programming regarding health and lifestyle. In this media format doctors have appeared on air to address health issues to the public.

In this country alone, information on keeping one’s health have doubled or even tripled since the 1990’s. With magazines, internet and television, people in the UK have learned new ways to keep their health. Even political figures and celebrities have been in the promotion of healthy living since the early 1980’s. Even back then the groundwork was being laid for today’s health revolution. Another example for this change is the availability of home workout videos and DVDs. Yoga has been recently added to the ranks of the health revolution, which has benefits of relieving tension and stress.

In conclusion, modern society in America has been more health conscious than ever before in history. Therefore more and more people will try to make an effort to make healthy changes to their lives so they can have a healthy and long future.

Aciphex Can Make Your Heartburn WORSE

Will Aciphex help any victims of heartburn to find real relief? In the following article, an ex heartburn sufferer relates the unpleasant facts about Aciphex, after having measured it against many alternative solutions, and all this for an Over The Counter medicament against heartburn known by millions. Sales per annum of Aciphex already topped $ 1.3 billion (figures from 2006).

Although healthy people can sometimes get heartburn also, chronic heartburn (every two or three days) may suggest acid reflux, also known as GERD – gastro esophageal reflux disease. About 20% of adults in developed western countries must endure recurring heartburn. The name heartburn simply describes the burning sensation of pain in the throat or the chest, often brought on after a meal.

The acid reflux at the root of the pain of heartburn is triggered by the weakness of the esophageal sphincter. It can lead to inflammation of the inner esophagus (esophagitis) and difficulties in swallowing, bleeding, esophageal passage constriction, Barrett’s esophagus, and sometimes cancer. GERD is the medical condition generated by the incorrect functioning of a muscle between the esophagus and the stomach. Called the lower esophageal sphincter, this muscle’s function is to block off the esophagus from the stomach to stop acidic content from moving back into the esophagus.

Aciphex tries to reduce stomach acidity as a way to reduce acid reflux symptoms such as heartburn. There are however at least two factors provoking acid reflux. Besides acidity being too high in the stomach, the other one is depleted strength of esophageal sphincter.

Halting the production of stomach acid is the hallmark of the group of PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors). PPIs do this by “dismantling” the proton pump, which is what the stomach uses to fabricate acid. Aciphex is a member of the PPI group, developed to treat acid reflux symptoms, and which also contains Prevacid, Protonix and Prilosec.

Nonetheless, the real reason for acid reflux lies elsewhere. Aciphex is only concentrating on the feeling of heartburn. When the real reason is neglected, it will continue to produce the symptom and this may even result in drug dependency and even bigger problems of acid reflux. Even if it may be true that almost instant relief is brought by Aciphex and other PPIs, downsides are also part of the equation? In particular, because gastric acid aids digestion and kills certain invasive bacteria and viruses, deliberately stifling its production may be unwise.

A surprising conclusion was derived from the role of gastric acid which normally extends to disabling pathogens that enter the mouth, the esophagus and then the stomach. Without stomach acid, these microbes can then make their way back up the esophagus and contaminate the lungs to cause pneumonia. Not only this but other side effects almost as undesirable also come about. This information comes from medical research carried out in 2004 in Holland.

One of the other side effects noted from the artificial prevention of stomach acid was the simultaneous prevention of the body to correctly absorb calcium. Incorrect calcium balance in the body can lead to osteoporosis because of incorrect mineral bone density. UK research showed a 44% greater chance of breaking a hip, for sufferers over the age of 50 who had been using PPIs for over a year, compared to acid reflux sufferers not using PPIs. The types of PPIs referred to included Nexium, Prilosec, Aciphex, Protonix and Prevacid.

The right holistic approach will allow you to put GERD behind you forever and safely prevent it from ever coming back. Were you aware that heartburn and its painful sensations can now be a thing of the past without having to take Aciphex or any similar medicament?

Should You Do A Herbal Colon Cleanse?

How valuable is it to colon cleanse? Do the benefits outweigh the possible negatives? There is no scientific evidence that supports the alleged benefits of colon cleansing but millions of people still fully believe in doing them.

It is said that frequent colon cleansing can interfere with the proper functioning of the colon, and lead to dependency on laxatives. Some herbs may also interact with or possibly reduce the effectiveness of prescription drugs. This is again is a reminder to check with your health provider before doing a colon cleanse.

However, if done correctly a colon cleanse can be helpful. Colon cancer cuts down too many people in the prime of their lives. Using a natural colon cleanse can help flush excess fecal matter from your intestines, lose unhealthy weight you are carrying in your intestines and stave off colon cancer.

While there is no actual evidence that frequent bowel movements result in better health or a longer life span. The benefits that are reported by many testimonials claim to alleviate constipation, create more energy and some weight loss. For many, a colon cleanse is reported to have many benefits however.

Before doing a colon cleanse there must be a lot of research done. Go online and check the many sites that advertise a specific colon cleanse. There are several methods for a colon cleanse. One of the methods uses an enema with distilled warm water. You can take the supplement orally also.

These days people don’t have the time to eat a healthy fiber rich diet. The average person carries up to 20 pounds of undigested fecal matter in their intestines. This putrefying, decaying fecal matter in your intestines is potentially very dangerous to your health. A natural colon cleanse will help flush fecal matter that is lining your intestines.

Flushing your system will not only add to good colon health, but it will flush up to 20 pounds of undigested fecal matter lining your intestines. This will obviously help you lose weight as you cleanse your system.

Maintaining a proper diet with fruits and vegetables will help your body rid a small portion of this waste matter. A good colon cleanse schedule will help you maintain a healthy weight, but more importantly maintain healthy lifestyle. You should have a regular colon exam with your doctor and use a natural colon cleanse regularly, to help maintain a longer, healthier and much more productive life.

Free Cancer Prevention Diet

You may be in a position to imagine how painful it is to die from Mycosis Fungoides or Supratentorial Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors. You’ve got heard right, but there’s smart news.

Doctors have known for lots of years that diet will facilitate your avoid disease. Of course, it has been shown that about thirty six% of all cancer is diet related. And it’s also been proven that diet can cut back your possibilities of obtaining cancer.

Nutrients in some food can decrease your probability of cancer. You’ll be able to additionally improve your chances of not obtaining cancer by avoiding some foods. You may have to chop out the Kracks and Rauchkse cheese.

The Power of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits (like loganberry and Tamarillo or Tree Tomato (Cyphomandra betacea; Solanaceae) and Soybean) and vegetables are shown to help you avoid many types of cancer as well as cancer of the mouth and colon. Currently, it is unknown if there are any specific nutrients in these foods that provide protection. There are experiments on a number of the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables like beta-carotene. But, isolating these substances from the initial source haven’t been found to prevent cancer. Of course, some by themselves are found to be harmful. Therefore keep in mind – the entire fruit is several times better than some supplement taken from that food.

Therefore, you should eat a minimum of one serving of a fruit or vegetable with every meal. They will be recent, canned or dried. However, they must not be fried like chips.

Whole Grains Keep You Moving

Whole grains like rye brown rice, cracked wheat and corn on the cob are glorious sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber. These are well-known to help prevent colon cancer. Despite being very important, simply using a fiber supplement isn’t as effective as a result of you wish the opposite nutrients in the whole grain.

Doctors assume that the high fiber content of the grain helps to stay the contents of the bowel moving right along. This prevents constipation within the colon. That being said, there’s no proof that laxatives or any colon cleansing regimen is of any help. In fact they need usually been shown to be harmful.

Foods to Avoid

Beef has been shown to be a culprit of particularly colon cancer and cancer of the prostate. The simplest advice is that you keep your parts to less than three ounces a day. Cutting it out altogether is even better.

Any food with tons of oil and fat will have an analogous effect. All of these french fries and potato chips that you have been eating? Well, they will contribute to your likelihood of growing a cancer.

And currently another little bit of unhealthy news for some of you, alcohol is another culprit. The most recent research gives robust evidence that any alcohol can increase your probability of obtaining cancer. But, it is especially a big drawback when you have got more than two drinks every day for men and one for women. Sorry ladies. Alcohol along with cigarettes contribute to cancer of the mouth, esophagus and larynx (your voice box). Therefore, be sure you limit those Bitter ales and Ginjinha liqueurs.

The Four Rules of Diet

1. Most of your food should be directly from plants.

2. Limit your intake of high-fat foods, especially from animal sources.

3. Get moving: Achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Ok. Therefore this one isn’t directly diet related – however, you ought to limit your intake to the quantity required to stay your weight at a good level.

4. Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages, if you drink at all.

Use the following pointers and you will dramatically decrease your possibilities of getting diet connected cancer.

Yeast Infection Cure, Causes and Prevention

Candidiasis is an infection caused by an overgrowth of a group of fungi. While there are more than 20 species of Candida, the most common type within the group is the Candida albicans. This type of fungi is commonly found on all surfaces of the human skin. Under certain condition, they may overgrow and cause yeast infection. Candida albicans thrive mostly on warm and moist area of the body such as underarms nail beds, under the breast and lower abdomen area and beneath skin folds. Normally, our skin is an effective barrier against any type of fungi but when cuts on the skin occur, fungi may enter the body.

Some common types of yeast infections are vaginal yeast infection, skin, thrush, diaper rash and nail bed infections. It is believed that people are more prone to yeast infection as they age. The good news is that most yeast infection is extremely superficial and may be treated with common yeast infection remedies. If yeast infection is left untreated, it may spread all over the body and cause life-threatening conditions. One such example is systematic candidal disease where 75% of sufferers die because of widespread yeast infection. Common oral and vaginal yeast infections may also lead to serious health problems and maybe more resistant to normal yeast infection remedies. Reoccurring yeast infection may also be a sign of more serious conditions such as diabetes, leukaemia or AIDS. Below are the leading causes of yeast infection:

Antibiotics and Steroids- Antibiotics and steroids are known to promote fungi overgrowth. For women, pregnancy, menstruation, diabetes, birth control pills and semen also increase the chances of getting yeast infection.

Weak Immune System- Weakened immune system caused by cancer treatments, steroids or diseases such as AIDS may result in candidal infection on the entire body. This can be a life-threatening condition where the heart, blood, eyes and kidneys may be affected. In some cases, infection is severe that fungi are found growing in the lungs, liver and spleen. 15% of people with weak immune system develop a systematic disease caused by Candida. These types of microorganisms enter the bloodstream through skin breakdown or mucous membranes.

Implants- Devices that are implanted in the skin such as IV ports or urinary catheters may give way for fungi to enter the body. IV addicts that used contaminated needles may possibly inject the yeast directly into their tissues or bloodstream.

Signs and symptoms of yeast infection are varied, depending on the location. Thus, yeast infection treatment may depend entirely on the location of the infection as well. Fortunately there are various range of over-the-counter medicine that are available on the market today. However, before you decide to purchase commercially-sold meds, it’s best to consult your doctor first.

Vaginal Yeast Infection- Vaginal yeast infection causes burning pain, unpleasant smell, discomfort and vaginal discharges. Overgrowths of yeast in women are directly caused by vaginal changes in the body.

Thrush or Oral Yeast Infection- Thick, white and lacy patches on top of a red base forming on the tongue, palate or anywhere else in the mouth is a sign of oral yeast infection. This type of infection may cause the tongue to look redder without the white coating and makes it difficult to eat.

Superficial candidal skin infections -Though candidal microorganisms are commonly present outside the skin surface, they may enter the body through broken skin. Common sign s of superficial candidal skin infections are flat rashes with scalloped edges.

An Overview of Dentistry

Preventing tooth and mouth problems and gum disease by diagnosing and treating dental problems is what a dentist does best! A good dentist should also teach their clients good oral health care habits like daily flossing and regular brushing. These oral health care habits promote oral health and over-all bodily health. Some areas in Utah where you will find General Dentistry Services are: American Fork Dentist, West Jordan Dentists, West Jordan Wisdom Teeth, and West Jordan Family Dentistry.

Some examples of dental diagnosing and treating oral problems available at Dentist American Fork, Dentists West Jordan, and West Jordan Family Dentistry are:

– Removing and preventing tooth decay,

– Oral X-Rays which gives a dentist a look at the inside health of your teeth,

– Tooth sealants which protect your teeth especially if you have hard-to-reach deep grooves in your teeth,

– Fixing chipped and/or broken teeth,

– Performing fillings and root-canals to remove, repair, and prevent any further tooth decay and oral pain

– Prescribing and fitting dentures

– Of course, normal dentistry provides regular cleaning and oral inspection as well

Dental school also provides a dentist with the option of specializing in a certain area of dentistry services. For example, a normal dentist would refer you to some of the below specialize dentist services if you have an oral problem beyond your dentist’s expertise.

– Periodontics Dentist: a dentist that studies and treats diseases that arise in the periodontium (the area that surrounds and supports the teeth including bone, gums, and connective-tissue). If you need any oral restorative surgery done, a perodontics dentist is who would most likely do the job. This dentist is able to rebuild gums and/or bone, ensure that bridges, dentures, and/or crowns have the adequate oral foundation they need to function properly.

– Endodontics Dentist: a dentist that studies the causes and prevention of dental pulp and dental nerve diseases. This is the dentist you would go to for root canal and pulp canal therapy.

– Prosthodontics Dentist: This is the dentist that would help you get oral-function back by replacing missing teeth or other missing oral pieces. The prosthodontics dentist replaces any missing oral-structures with other artificial working devices. Dental implants and fitting bridge-work are a few examples of the work this dentist does.

– Pediatric Dentistry: This dentist specializes in oral health services for children and youth. If you have any questions about how baby teeth should fall out and permanent teeth come in or any issues with this a pediatric dentist is who you want to talk to.

– Cancer Services & Medicine Services are other areas available in specialized dentistry that the titles speak for themselves.

Many of the above specialist dentistry is actually performed by a general dentistry dentist. Most likely you would go to your regular dentist for a root-canal, for example. Normally, a dentist is skilled in one or more of the above dentist specialties. Delta Dental, American Fork Dentist, West Jordan Dentists West Jordan Family Dentistry, and West Jordan Wisdom Teeth are all locations where you can find the above dentist services as well as information about dental school and general dentistry.

Brain Cancer – Causes, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Treatment and Prognosis

Malignant brain tumors occur in about 4.5 people per 100,000 population, they may occur at any age but brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in patients younger than age 35. In adults, incidence is generally highest between ages 40 to 60.

There are two main types of brain cancer. Primary brain tumors start in the brain. Metastatic brain tumours start somewhere else in the body and moves to the brain. The most common tumor types in adults are gliomas and meningiomas. In children, incidence is generally highest before age 1 and again between ages 2 and 12. The most common types of brain tumour in children are astrocytomas, medulloblastomas, ependymomas and brain stem gliomas.


What causes brain cancer is not exactly known but there has recently been a great deal of speculation on the role of cell phone radiation in the development of brain cancer. In fact, while studies generally have shown no link between cell phones and brain cancer, there is some conflicting scientific evidence that may be worth additional study, according to the FDA.

More accepted risk factors for brain cancer include; exposure to vinyl chloride and individuals with risk factors such as having a job in an oil refinery, as a chemist, embalmer, or rubber industry worker show higher rates of brain cancer. Other risk factors such as smoking, radiation exposure, and viral infection (HIV) have been suggested but not proven to cause brain cancer. Patients with a history of melanoma, lung, breast, colon, or kidney cancer are at risk for secondary brain cancer.


Onset of symptoms is usually insidious and brain tumors are often misdiagnosed. Brain Cancers cause central nervous system changes by invading and destroying tissues and by secondary effects such as pressure on the brain. Symptoms vary but in general, brain cancer symptoms include: Abnormal pulse and breathing rates, deep, dull headaches that recur often and persist without relief for long periods of time, difficulty walking or speaking, dizziness, eyesight problems including double vision, seizures, vomiting and at the late stages of the disorder dramatic changes in blood pressure may occur. Although headaches are often a symptom of brain cancer, it is important to remember that most headaches are due to less serious conditions such as migraine or tension, not cancer.


In most cases a definitive diagnosis is made by a tissue biopsy. Other diagnostic tools include; patient history, a neurologic assessment, skull x-rays, a brain scan, CT scan, MRI, a lumbar puncture and cerebral angiography. Meningiomas, arising from the covering around the brain or spinal cord, account for about 20% of brain cancers and are generally more benign.


How to treat brain tumors depends on the age of the patient, the stage of the disease, the type and location of the tumor, and whether the cancer is a primary tumor or brain metastases. Brain cancer and brain tumors are somewhat unique because of the blood brain barrier, which severely restricts the types of substances in the bloodstream that are allowed by the body into the brain and makes drug treatment extremely difficult. Because of this more and more research is being undertaken in delivering medication by means of nanoparticles, amongst the properties of nanoparticles that make them ideal candidates for recognizing and treating brain cancer, their ability to deliver a wide variety of payloads across the blood-brain barrier is perhaps the most important.

Brain cancer’s location and ability to spread quickly makes treatment with surgery or radiation like fighting an enemy hiding out among minefields and caves, and explains why the term brain cancer is all too often associated with the word inoperable.

Brain cancer survival statistics for the deadliest of tumors such as gliomas have not improved significantly over the past two decades and the clinical armamentarium is, to a large extent, still dependent on surgery and radiation therapy, treatments known to leave survivors with devastating cognitive deficits. Gamma knife surgery is a radiosurgery technique used to treat people with brain cancer and other neurological disorders

The most deadly form of brain cancer may be treatable with a vaccine that uses proteins. Unlike measles or mumps vaccines, which are meant to prevent disease, the brain cancer vaccine turns on the patient’s own immune system so it will help kill the tumor. When the vaccine is injected, it stimulates the immune system to kill off brain cancer cells and prevent the regrowth of tumors that have already been treated.


The chances of surviving for a person with a brain tumor: Prognosis greatly depends on all of the following: type of tumor extent of the disease size and location of the tumor presence or absence of metastasis the tumor’s response to therapy, age, overall health, and medical history, tolerance of specific medications, procedures, or therapies. Metastatic brain cancer indicates advanced disease and has a poor prognosis. Unfortunately, the most common form of primary brain cancer, glioblastoma, is also the most aggressive and lethal but teratomas and other germ cell tumors although they have the capacity to grow very large may have a more favorable prognosis.